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  Photo of Sheba


Let Sheba be your guide dog to HELP! on AshburnWeb. Sheba is a 6 pound female Pomeranian and lived in Ashburn from 1995 to 2004. She has now retired to Arizona, where she enjoys walking, eating, sleeping and sunning.

If text runs off the bottom of the screen or you think there's more than what you're seeing (for example, the text on this page fills 2 or 3 screens), drag down the scroll bar at the right edge of your browser window to move any hidden text up to where it's visible. Alternatively, use the Page Down button on your keyboard to do the same thing.

AshburnWeb is best viewed full screen with a screen resolution of at least 640 x 480 and preferably 800 x 600. Colors should be at least 256 and preferably true color. If you can see "white space" on both edges of this page and the colors in the menu (blue, yellow, and black) and the photo of Sheba (golden-brown fur and red bandanna) seem reasonable, your computer is likely set up for best viewing.

Menu System

Go to a specific Section of AshburnWeb by clicking on a word in the main menu. For example, to find out about stores in Ashburn, click on the word Shopping in either the visual menu (it's just below the title on each page) or the text menu (it's near the bottom of the page).

To go up a level from where you are on the website just click on the page title. For example, clicking on the blue "Shopping on AshburnWeb" words while you are visiting the Shopping section will return you to the main, or Home, page.

Once you are in a Section, such as The Food Section, click an underlined word or phrase (see "Links" below to learn what these are) in the Section menu to scroll down to a Category, such as Pizza or Chinese. To return to the Section menu from a Category, click the underlined words that say "Back to Menu" or, alternatively, use your browser's Back button.


Sheba says "Look for the link." Clicking on a word that has a blue underline (called a link) will take you to a different portion of the page you're looking at, to another page on AshburnWeb or, sometimes, to a totally different website. On occasion, the link will even open up a new browser window.

Unfortunately, there's no standard way of indicating which of those four possible actions will occur. However, we usually try to give a hint that a link will take you away from AshburnWeb or open a new window. Sometimes, advertising "popup" windows open when you follow an offsite link. We can't stop that from happening but suggest that you immediately close them.

Bookmark AshburnWeb

If you follow a link that takes you to a different web site, you may not be able to find your way back. The best way to avoid this is to add AshburnWeb to your list of bookmarks. Go back to the Home page, then hold down the Control Key and press the D key once (the Control key is usually on the bottom left side of your keyboard).

Alternatively, see your browser's Help for directions on how to bookmark using specific browser menus or commands. If you are using Internet Explorer from Microsoft, bookmarks are called "Favorites".

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