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The Mercers and Parkhurst by Byron A. Lee is about the Mercer family and their homes. Famous Mercers were:

  • John Francis Mercer, the tenth Governor of Maryland
  • His daughter, Margaret Mercer, noted educator and abolitionist who lived at Belmont in Ashburn from 1834 until her death in 1846
  • Lucy Mercer, the close (and controversial) friend of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Margaret Mercer, born in 1791, was the daughter of John Francis Mercer and along with her brother, John, were his only children who did not die at a young age... The boarding school (she founded) at Belmont soon became noted for its high academic standards and strong religious and moral influence. Excerpted from The Mercers and Parkhurst by Byron A. Lee.

The Mercers and Parkhurst by Byron A. Lee

The book is copyrighted by Byron A. Lee. Permission to excerpt on AshburnWeb has been granted by Mr. Lee. Copies of the book may be purchased from the author for $25 + $3 shipping and handling (total $28) at:

Byron A. Lee
1059 Cumberstone Rd
Harwood, MD 20776

Book Details

  • Paperback: 197 pages
  • Publisher: Byron A. Lee; (1998)
  • Library of Congress: 98-94232

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